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Birds are amazing friends and when properly cared for can live long healthy lives. Whether you're feeding parakeets and budgies or wild birds outside, we here at Pets Choice have the knowledge and experience to direct you to the perfect food. All bird's nutritional requirements are different, and what works best for some won't offer ample nutrition for others. To that end, we happily offer the New Hampshire area to ensure the absolute best food for your feathered pals, enhancing their health and extending their lives.

Wild bird vs pet bird food- Wild bird food, depending upon where you live, is usually a mixture of different sorts of seeds, including thistle, sunflower, safflower, millet, and sorghum. In addition, lots of wild bird feeds include peanuts and corn, which are liked by specific species like cardinals and blue jays. Wild bird food is diverse in order to attract as many different species as possible, so while it satisfies their caloric requirements, it's not dialed-in nutritionally like domestic bird food. Finally, millet - which is a common ingredient in both wild and domestic bird seed blends.

Domestic bird food is normally a mix of similar seeds, with additional nutritionally thick pellets included. Conures, doves, and pigeons love millet, as do budgies and parakeets. They also enjoy safflower and sunflower seeds when they're hulled, though parrots and hookbills will choose larger seed types.

Food for pets will have prebiotic fiber and probiotic ingredients included, along with a selection of other all-natural seeds and fruits. These reinforce the immune and digestive function of your birds, and more very closely mimic their all-natural diet plan, which would not normally include a few types of seeds.

Guaranteeing ample nutrition- Birds need prebiotics and probiotics to maintain their digestive functions functioning efficiently. Omega-3 fatty acids from nuts and seeds offer fat for their brains and nerves, and boost the gloss and sparkle of their plumes, while the different vitamins and micronutrients maintain them healthy overall.

In addition, as your bird ages, you will intend to consult an expert on what Bird Food you need to be feeding them. Chicks and younger birds have different nutritional requirements than older birds, and changing their food requires care and needs to be done gradually, as birds can have picky digestive systems. Slowly include the new food into your bird's meal, replacing more of the old seed with the new food daily to ensure appropriate adherence to the new diet plan.

Obtain the facts and the feed-in one place- At Pets Choice, we specialize in ensuring your bird is given with the very best nutrition for their specific requirements. Whether you're feeding wild birds in your backyard or a parakeet in your parlor, our friendly, expert personnel has your back. If you're in the New Hampshire area, give us a call at (603) 424-7297 and let us recognize what you're feeding and we can help optimize your bird's feed for a long, healthy life.


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