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The best part of owning a dog is that they love to play. Providing dogs with toys to play is essential to ensure the health and well-being of your pet. Toys are not a luxury for your dog pet but a necessity. Dog play is a critical component of their emotional and mental health. Behavior problems such as chewing on objects can develop when your pet lacks proper outlets to follow their instinct.

Purchase your dog a toy to help fight boredom when you are not at home and prevent it from developing behavioral problems. Dogs are often willing to play with any object. However, provide toys that offer a variety of uses, and rotate them weekly, making only four or five toys available. Training dogs to differentiate their toys from other home appliances can stop them from chewing on the other tools. 

How to choose Dog Toys

Dog toys should be safe, fun, and durable all the time. Your choice for the toys depends on age, size of your pet, and activity level.  The best time to introduce toys into your dog’s life is when they are puppies to help them develop teeth, muscles, and joints. Provide puppies with toys to chew on, chase, bite, and tug as one way of assisting them in growing. Puppies with baby teeth will require toys with a softer texture. 

Another important factor when purchasing dog toys is the size of the toy in relation to the size of the dog. This is particularly important because a toy too big or too small will affect the fun of playing. Small toys are especially dangerous with the risk of swallowing. Therefore, do not allow your dog to play with any object that is easily swallowed or has sharp parts. Also, the toy you select for your pet should be appropriate to its current size.

Choosing the best dog toy will ensure both safe and fun playtime. Safety should always come first, followed by fun when selecting toys for your dog. Monitor the toys and disregard any object that can jeopardize the safety of dogs. Visually inspect the gadget to check for any part that can pose a choking hazard before agreeing to take it home. Also, be sure that all toys are securely sewn together, and replace any top that looks loose or damaged. Also, check labels for safety before purchasing.


Giving your dog the best toy is one of the best ways to maintain the relationship. There are many toy options available, so buying for your dog can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can find guidance from our experienced staff on the right toy to get for your dog. Pets Choice in Merrimack, New Hampshire is proud to provide a variety of dog food and treats for pet owners. No matter the toys you choose, make sure they vary in nature to keep your pet entertained while you are away.


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